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Lease a Tesla!


There’s been plenty of buzz about electric car company Tesla, and as of last week, you can finally lease one for as low as $1,658 a month.

No one said it would cheap to lease the world’s only highway-capable electric vehicle, but at least it’s an option now.

Tesla is offering both their 2010 Roadster and Roadster sport models, with a three year, 30,000 mile lease.

To offset the massive monthly lease payment, the company said the average driver would save $131 per month on fuel, assuming they drove the estimated 833 miles per month.

Teslas don’t require regular oil changes or exhaust system repairs, nor do they have spark plugs, pistons, hoses, belts or clutches to replace, so there’s even more savings right there…

At lease end, lessees have the option to buy the car of walk away, assuming they pay the $350 disposition fee.

The Telsa Roadster is the only production car faster than many sports cars and more energy efficient than a hybrid.

It has an estimated EPA range of 236 miles per charge, double that of any commercially released electric vehicle, and can be charged in any 120 or 240 volt outlet.

“We are committed to continuously improving and enhancing the Roadster, offering a leasing option means even more people can drive this exciting and groundbreaking car,” said John Walker, Tesla Vice President of Sales, in a press release.

A staggering $12,453 is due at lease signing, which includes $1,658 first month’s payment, $9,900 down payment, and $895 acquisition fee.

Rich people that is.