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Lease a Smart Car

smart car

The Smart Car, built by Mercedes-Benz, is now available for lease.

The tiny car, which they call “surprisingly roomy,” gets an estimated 41 mpg highway, and is 95% recyclable.

The company offers three models, the “pure coupe,” “passion coupe,” and the “passion cabriolet,” with the latter being a cute little convertible.

The pricing per month is $169, $189, and $249, respectively, with a $999 down payment and $595 acquisition fee.

Additionally, there is a $395 vehicle turn-in fee unless you opt to purchase the vehicle after the 36-month term is complete (common car leasing fees).

The lease offers 10,000 miles per year, which may or may not be enough depending on how often you plan to drive the vehicle (choosing the right amount of miles for your car lease).

The cost per mile is 30 cents for anything in excess of that allotted.

The closed-end lease offer is valid on all new 2009 smart fortwo models from January 15 until February 28, 2010.