Car Leasing Tips

The Dealer Survey


When negotiating with car dealers over your lease price, don’t forget about one of the most valuable weapons in your arsenal, the “dealer survey.”

Once you and the dealer iron out a car lease payment (yes, car leases are negotiable), they will most likely bring up the “dealer survey.”

The dealer survey is actually a huge deal to the salesperson, so if you give them a bad score, it could affect their bottom line, and their wallet.

That said, use it against them.

It is their Achilles’ heel, and one you must exploit to ensure you get a good price on your car lease.

If they give you the runaround or aren’t upfront with anything, call them on it (before you sign the paperwork).

Mention the dealer survey – tell them you wouldn’t want to give them poor marks and they’ll quickly change their tune.

Ideally, save this trick for the end of negotiating, at the point when the dealer says he/she can’t go any lower.

This tactic should help you eek out a few more bucks on your car lease payment.

Remember, car dealers will lie to you all day long to get the sale, so you’ve got to use whatever you have to fight back and get the deal you deserve.

Obviously you have to be tactful, but let it be known that you are aware of the survey and will speak your mind if treated unfairly!